7 Takeaways From UFC 225

7. Older Fighters Were Fed To The Next Generation

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UFC 225 certainly had the feel of the promotion trying to build up the next generation of stars, but it was just a shame that they used fan favourite veterans to do it.

Four fights optimized this, with big age differences between Curtis Blaydes (27) and Alistair Overeem (38), Tai Tuivasa (25) and Andrei Arlovski (39), Anthony Smith (29) and Rashad Evans (38) and Robert Whittaker (27) and Yoel Romero (41).

Arlovski came out best of all the older fighters. Although he lost his fight, he left the cage with only a bruised face and put up a good showing against a very tough, and much younger Tai Tuivasa.

Whittaker vs. Romero was, in the words of Joe Rogan, a 'slobberknocker' but Romero definitely came off worse. Yes Whittaker broke and bloodied his face, but apart from that he walked away pretty alright. In Romero's post fight video from his hospital bed, it was clear to see that his eye had swollen shut and he had a plug up his nose to try and stop the blood.

Overeem and Evans weren’t just beat, they were beat horrendously. Overeem’s face was a bloody mess after taking six elbows to the skull before the bout was stopped and as for Evans, it’s fair to say he suffered the worst KO of the night and possibly of 2018 so far.

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