7 Teams Who Can Win The Champions League Based On Performances In Gameweek One

Conquering Europe has never looked so difficult.

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Last week saw the return of Europe's premier footballing competition as the Champions League further nourished our footballing needs for the season.

There were some excellent performances in week one of the competition, with some clubs putting to bed any early worries that they might struggle in the competition, while there were also one or two little surprises thrown in too.

It's always hard to tell at this stage of the season which team is going to go on and win the competition, but the usual suspects are always worth a mention, and some of those usual suspects got themselves off to superb starts last week.

With plenty of cash splashed over the summer as Europe's giants try to outdo each other in the hunt for success and trophies, there's no better time to lay your marker down than in gameweek one of the Champions League. Some clubs did just that, and it looks pretty omnious already for some of the competition.

7. Bayern Munich

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Always a safe bet to go on and have a run at winning the trophy, the German giants polished off Belgian side Anderlecht with minimal fuss, crusing to a 3-0 home win.

The German club never really got out of second gear either on the way to victory, and the way they went about their business to comfortably beat Anderlecht was pretty impressive.

Led by their world class striker Robert Lewandowski, and backed up by the ever impressive Thiago, Arjen Robben, and Frank Ribery, the Bundesliga champions look every bit as threatening as in previous years.

Bayern have reached the semi finals in three of the last four years while they won the trophy in 2013, making it to the quarter finals last time out. Their record speaks for itself, and their opening performance gives every indication they can be successful again.

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