7 Things Rangers Must Do To Challenge Celtic

6. Start Using Murray Park Properly

A general view of Murray Park Training Ground in Glasgow.
Lynne Cameron/PA Archive

There were groans of dissatisfaction when 22-year old Barrie McKay was sold to Nottingham Forest for just £500,000 in the Summer. A product of Rangers youth academy, McKay was one of the brightest prospects in years, even if it did frustrate fans that he seemingly didn't like early morning training sessions or putting a shift in.

McKay is symptomatic of a culture Rangers themselves have cultivated at Murray Park. Situated in Auchenhowie, the plush training centre is a world class facility designed to give young players the very best chance to make it. Sadly, all the place has managed to do is rear a generation of entitled, spoiled brats who feel they've already made it.

That's not true of everyone, of course, but it is annoying to Gers fans that a production line of quality youngsters don't pass through the first team. Again, Kieran Tierney of Celtic is being touted for millions, and Rangers must get on that gravy train.

The entire ethos of youth development has been suspect for years.

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