8 Football Teams Which Went The Whole Season Undefeated

Celtic are just the latest "Invincibles."

Celtic v Rangers - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
2016 Getty Images

Winning their respective league is often the crowning achievement in any team’s season. It shows not only superior quality but overall consistency, and proves just who the best team in the country really is – securing year-long bragging rights for fans in the process. Throw in a cup competition (or two) and/or a European trophy, for a double/treble, and you’re onto a cracker of a season: job done, happy as Larry and all that.

There is, however, an accolade beyond a mere league title win, beyond a double or even a treble, one that only a select few can lay claim to: The undefeated season. Referred to in awe as “The Invincibles,” members of this elite group not only bested domestic competition over the course of a full season to get their hands on their particular league trophies but they did it without losing a single game. Not even one.

Though a relatively rare sight (especially in the modern game with longer seasons and tighter schedules), this extraordinary feat has been managed a surprisingly large number of times. Some teams have even completed the undefeated season more than once, whereas others accomplished it while adding their own twist to the achievement.


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