8 Implications Of Brock Lesnar Returning To UFC

Vince McMahon had best get the chequebook out...

Brock Lesnar UFC 200
2016 Getty Images

One year removed from his last mixed martial arts fight, Brock Lesnar is reportedly eyeing up a UFC return.

The current WWE Universal Champion has supposedly re-entered himself into the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's testing pool so that he may serve the final six months of a year-long suspension incurred after failing a pre-UFC 200 drug test. If true, Lesnar should be free to compete in MMA from December onward, and there's talk that he's already eyeing a future away from his current employers.

'The Beast Incarnate' has apparently told WWE officials that he won't be renewing his current contract, which expires after WrestleMania 34. There's every chance that Lesnar is just using this as leverage for future WWE contract negotiations, but there'll be huge implications for all involved if he decides to jump ship.

A proven draw in both sports, Brock has WWE bent over a barrel. If they can't meet his demands, he knows the UFC would love to have him back, and this gives him all the power. His decision could very well change the face of both sports over the next 12 months and beyond, so let's take a look at the potential consequences for WWE, the UFC, and Lesnar himself.


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