8 Teams That Totally Lost The NFL Draft

Missed opportunities, overrated pick ups, and wasted trades.

Plenty of teams made the most out of NFL Draft Weekend, but like every year, others failed to seize their chance to step up a gear and push their entire franchise closer to success. It's difficult for a side not to be improved by a fresh influx of talent, after all, teams obviously do leave with more players than they started with, but there are certainly losers from the process, including teams who didn't opt for a special talent, didn't properly patch up their weakest positions, or others who believed the media hype surrounding a player with a greater knack for making headlines than actually performing. During last year's draft, the Cleveland Browns yet again proved that they have a knack for picking up draft busts, and while Johnny Manziel shouldn't be counted out just yet, he could prove to be one of the latest first-round flops if he fails to produce a 2015 season to remember. Meanwhile, the Vikings - who were strongly interested in Manziel's services - picked up Teddy Bridgewater instead, with the young QB going on to win the NFL Rookie Of The Year Award among contenders including Odell Beckham Jr. Many people thought Manziel's risk was too high, hence why he fell down the board, and so far it looks like Cleveland lost out on that move. It's too early to tell which individual members of this year's fresh crop will stumble at the top level, but let's take a look at some of the teams who didn't perform up to scratch on Draft Weekend.
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