Barcelona Just Welcomed Their Latest Signing In The Craziest Way Possible


Arthur Barcelona

Football transfer announcements used to be so simple. A club would call a press conference, unveil their newest signing who would promise fans the world, before heading out on to the pitch to do some keepy-ups and stand awkwardly holding a shirt with their name on.

Those days are long gone nowadays though, as every team is looking to outdo each other when revealing a new player; we've had Besiktas getting players to beg their mates to come and play for them, Villa confirming John Terry via a WhatsApp, chat and Sevilla just straight-up kidnapping Jesus Navas.

Which brings us to the bizarre Barcelona announcement yesterday. All Barca had to do was introduce Brazilian Arthur Melo, a player who had been linked with Man Utd previously, with a slick compilation of his skills or even just a photo of him in their kit smiling.

Instead, this abomination happened...

Why is there a talking ball? If only the absolute best get to play with the 'Barca ball', why did they sign Alex Song? Surely it should be 'Welcome Arthur' rather than 'Enjoy Arthur'? Who greenlit this horrendous idea, and when will they be fired?

Granted, there have been dodgy announcements in the past, but this is FC Barcelona, one of the greatest and classiest football teams ever. What were they thinking?!

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