Chelsea: 5 Reasons Why Rafa Benitez Is A Bad Choice

5. Rafa's Resume

Although he has a Champions League title and an FA Cup with Liverpool under his belt, it seems like he might not be as qualified as he should be for such a tremendous job. It's clear that Roman wants success all the time aas winning the Champions League and the FA Cup was not enough for the charismatic Roberto Di Matteo to keep his job. He had very little success with a good Inter team after only lasting roughly seven months in charge. He has a few impressive records such as the biggest Champions League victory (Liverpool 8-0 against Besiktas) and won 81 of his first 150 league games in charge at Liverpool, only Kenny Dalglish (87) won more. But it's worrying that he has never won a league title, and to keep his job it looks like he'll need to do more than just that.

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