frank lampard

Experience is often underrated. The emphasis in English football on physical attributes such as pace, power, strength and aerial ability (plus the ability to ‘get stuck in’) all allude to the idea that it is a young man’s game. It is a long time since Alan Hansen said you don’t win anything with kids, and the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal refuse to offer their thirty-somethings anything better than one year extensions. In Frank Lampard’s case, there is no extension on the table and the latest word is the England international is free to move this month.

The media hype machine made Chelsea out to be the villains here, forcing a long time servant of the club out of the team, but the truth is more likely to be that whoever makes the decisions at Chelsea (your guess is as good as mine) had a quiet word with Frank and let him know that if he wanted to leave immediately the club would look to facilitate him as best they can.

The obvious reason for a move now rather than in the summer is Lampard’s likely destination – Los Angeles Galaxy. While they are included on this list so are four other teams that could do with a midfielder who showed with his brace against Everton that he knows exactly when to time his run, where the goal is, and who can still produce when his team need him most.

So, here are the five teams who should consider signing Frank Lampard immediately…

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This article was first posted on January 3, 2013