Did CM Punk Win At UFC 255?

Former WWE star fought Mike Jackson in second fight.

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Obviously, the answer to the titular question is an emphatic "no".

In only his second fight in the Octagon, opening last night's UFC 255 PPV, former WWE grappler CM Punk was emphatically beaten via unanimous decision by Mike Jackson. The judges scored the fight 30-26, 30-26, 30-26 in favour of the debuting Jackson.

Punk made a catastrophic MMA bow against Mickey Gall just under two years ago, tapping to his opponent in less than three minutes. His return to combat fared a little better - he lasted a full three rounds this time - but ultimately, he was totally outclassed.

The fight started relatively evenly, and Punk even managed to land a take-down on Jackson. That was about as good as it got for the ex-WWE champ; round two saw him receive several heavy blows to the face, before Jackson appeared to take pity on the neophyte in the deciding round.

It's been a mixed week for Punk, who five days ago was cleared of all charges in his defamation suit against WWE doctor Chris Amman. Obviously his loss cannot be entirely attributed to the distraction of his legal wranglings, but they surely can't have helped.

With two high-profile losses now all he has to show for his foray into combat sport, it's looking increasingly probable that Punk's MMA experiment is coming to a close.

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