Fantasy Premier League 2018-19: 10 Forwards To Sign

Snap up these strikers to start your season with a bang.

Premier League/FIFA TV

Pitches are being prepared, players are getting into shape, and the first ball of the 2018-19 Premier League is just waiting to be kicked. The opening weekend is drawing ever closer and there isn't too much time left to prepare your Fantasy Premier League squad in time for the opening day.

Every fantasy manager can choose five defenders and five midfielders, but only three forwards. It can be exceptionally difficult to narrow down your options and find the right trio of goalscorers to lead your line, and it's vital to manage your budget effectively in this area rather than simply going all-in on the top three strikers and leaving yourself with little cash for the rest of your squad.

Strikers aren't always as consistent as midfielders, but can rack up huge individual scores in good games. A forward who nets a hat-trick, for example, can provide a crazy amount of fantasy points in a single weekend, so it's vital to spend money wisely in this area, focusing on players with high potential and favourable fixtures that give them the best possible chance of hitting the back of the net. With that in mind, here are ten of the best strikers for the new fantasy season.


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