Fantasy Premier League 2018-19: 10 Tips For A Successful Season

Here's what to do if you want to finish top of the league.

Premier League/YouTube/Wolves Weekly

The new Premier League season is right around the corner. One of the most popular ways for fans to enhance their enjoyment of the games is to create their own Fantasy Premier League team and join up with a few leagues and competitions among friends, family, co-workers - even strangers - from all over the world.

Most football fans tend to be 'armchair managers'. We criticise the coaches, we question their decisions, we wonder why they haven't switched that pacy winger to the right hand side to exploit the opposition's full-back or why they left that striker on for the full ninety minutes instead of subbing him off for the 18-year-old wonderkid on the bench.

In short, we often tend to think we could do better, and Fantasy Premier League lets us live out that dream, picking and choosing our own squads, making tactical transfers and substitutions, working with a budget, choosing the right captain, and more.

It's a complex game and there's definitely an element of luck involved, but there's also a whole lot of strategy. The best Fantasy players are able to consistently put together good teams and win league after league, so let's take a look at some top tips to give you a better chance of some end-of-season glory.


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