Fantasy Premier League Tips: 10 Best Pound For Points Strikers

How to guarantee a good return on investment from your frontline.

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If you haven't already done so, it's time to start thinking about sorting your Fantasy Premier League team. The season has once again crept up incredibly quickly, and with Arsenal vs. Leicester City kicking things off on Friday, 11th August, Fantasy managers are quickly running out of time to put a squad together.

Deciding how to allocate that £100m budget is an annual challenge. Splurge too much on players like Alexis Sanchez and Harry Kane, and you'll end up with a squad comprised primarily of sub-£5m no-hopers. Finding a balance between quality and affordability is a must, particularly at the attacking end of the pitch, where effective players usually come at a premium.

Most of last season's top performers come with hefty price tags again, but some are more worthwhile than others. Kane may have notched a higher points total (224) than any other striker, but £12.5m is steep, and his 2016-17 points to pounds ratio is lower than many further down the ladder.

Throw these players into the mix with a few undervalued new arrivals, and you have 10 strikers who guarantee a great return on investment, regardless of your remaining budget.


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