Fantasy Premier League Tips: 10 Last Minute Players You Should Consider

Sharpen up your FPL XI ahead of Friday's big kick-off.

Peter Byrne/PA Archive

Panicking yet? You probably should be. This season's Fantasy Premier League site has been open for several weeks now, and with Arsenal vs. Leicester City kicking the season off on Friday night, you have only a matter of hours to get those all important picks in.

FPL managers around the country will likely spend their Friday lunch breaks scrambling to put a team together ahead of the 6:45pm deadline. Sifting through the game's 480+ players is a daunting task in the first place, but doing it on such short notice is just asking for trouble. Chances are won't have time to think things through, panic, and pick Claudio Bravo as your starting 'keeper - a truly fatal error.

Fortunately, we've sifted through the options so you last-minute managers don't have to.

Anyone can skim the list of players and grab a handful of superstars, but early season success requires a more balanced approach. By all means sign Lukaku and De Bruyne, but finding value in lower price brackets is just as important to Fantasy success.

Here are 10 picks who may have passed under your radar, but should set you off to a flying start this season.


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