Fantasy Premier League Tips: 15 Best Cheap Players For 2017-18

15. Asmir Begovic - £4.5m

Bosnia & Herzegovina goalkeeper Asmir Begovic
Nick Potts/EMPICS Sport

Team: Bournemouth

Goalkeeping bargains are harder to come by than any other position in Fantasy football, because of the smaller range of values, but a full £1m is a lot to shave off between the sticks, and for someone as accomplished as Begovic, it's a real steal.

Having lost some momentum by heading to Chelsea (like about 80% of their signings), 30-year-old Begovic was snapped up by Bournemouth this summer and should go straight in as number one. And despite only starting 15 games last year, he managed an average of 3.2 saves per game, which is nothing to be sniffed at.

He's the best cheapest option in the league (he's far superior to all of the £4m priced options), and he's a no-brainer.

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