FIFA 19 Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

3. The Journey Is Still Joyless

FIFA 19 The Journey 3
EA Sports

If you haven't been a fan of Alex Hunter's story up till now, then The Journey 3: Champions will do little to change your mind. It remains untapped potential, and that's baffling when EA's own Longshot tale in Madden is full of vibrancy and character.

EA really need to steal away some of the scriptwriters from 2K's NBA series, because they're the benchmark for stories in sports titles.

Here, Hunter, his step-sister Kim and on/off pal Danny Williams sprint through a largely unlikeable story that takes far too long to get going. Honestly, yawning through never-ending training sequences for a few hours at the start wasn't what we had in mind when EA revealed Alex would be pulling on the famous white shirt of Real Madrid or they'd be weaving three stories into one.

There are moments that get the heart pounding, of course, but they're fleeting. Sadly, The Journey hasn't shed that feel of being 'Be A Pro' with some nicely-rendered cutscenes and the illusion of choice splashed on top of it. It yearns to be more.

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