Football's 11 Most Expensive Transfers - By Position

We've gone off the deep end.

By Antoine Dellenbach (Neymar Jr Presentation | Press Conference for PSG) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Money in football has gotten a bit mad hasn't it? Ten years ago, Manchester City broke the British transfer record when they signed highly-rated Robinho from Real Madrid for £32.5m. That seems like a lifetime ago, and now we have teenagers going for five times that much.

As more rich tycoons bought more football clubs, players started selling for astronomical fees. In the ten years since Robinho's shocking deadline-day move, £50+ million transfer fees are the norm. Even smaller teams like Everton are spending over £40 million on players in 2018.

The world's most expensive team, from the goalkeeper right down to the striker, is a team that would cost, wait for it... £990,000,000. Would the world's most expensive team be the world's best? Logic would suggest so but we'll never know for sure. And with the way things are going these days, there will likely be some new record-transfers before you've finished reading this article.

11. Goalkeeper: Alisson Becker - £67 Million


We start with the most recent of these record-breaking transfers. Alisson Becker joined Liverpool earlier this month for a whopping £67 million, smashing the transfer fee for a goalkeeper set by Manchester City a year ago.

Some have questioned the price tag for Alisson, who only played one season as Roma's first-team goalkeeper. That said, there's no denying Liverpool were in need of an upgrade over Loris Karius if they are to mount a serious title challenge, and Alisson represents just that. Jurgen Klopp also wanted Roma's man because he is a sweeper keeper who can launch blistering counter-attacks, which the manager is pretty fond of.

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