Football's Worst Ever Cheating Divers

13. Bryan Carrasco

One thing some of the more notorious divers on this list never seemed to realise was that contact is a fairly important ingredient in the most convincing of dives. Riding, or making the most of a challenge is certainly the easiest way to con a referee into punishing the opponent for a foul, so waiting until the opportune moment to fall, regardless of picking up a few bruises yourself is often the best gamble to take (just ask Alan Shearer).

Bryan Carrasca clearly had this in his mind during his country's match against Ecuador in last year's U20 South American Championship, as the Chilean defender took it in his own hands - as well as those of Edson Montano - to win a free-kick, and hopefully get his opponent sent off.

Trouble is, he didn't really think it through, and this is what actually happened...

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