As Formula One heads into the traditional summer break, the current World Championship Leader, Sebastian Vettel must be pondering on whether he can add another Championship to his ever growing tally.

With Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes winning the latest race in Hungary in a fairly convincing style, Vettel will be concerned about whether or not his car as the pace to match Hamilton going into the second part of the season. In the past, we have seen ‘Dominant Vettel’, leaving the other cars to fight among themselves after Turn One, when he flies off into the distance.

But this season it’s all changed.

Apart from a spectacular performance in Canada, Vettel has not dominated as much as he would’ve liked, nor is he that far ahead in the Championship. Sky Sports F1 and the BBC often comment on how Vettel is doing well and that no one can get anywhere near him, but I cannot see how this is true. As it stands, Vettel is 38 points in front of Raikkonen, 39 points ahead of Alonso and 48 points ahead of Hamilton.

This is not dominance.

Long gone have the days when Vettel was almost 100 points clear of second place at this point in the season, and with the form of the Mercedes team looking better and better in both qualifying and race sessions, Vettel must be thinking that his dominance has now been broken. Personally, I am not a fan of Lewis Hamilton. The man is too interested in life off the track and whilst I don’t have a bad word to say about his driving ability, his arrogance and rebellious attitude is something I do not admire.  Despite this, you would have to say that Hamilton is favorite to win the title this year, as long as his form continues to be impressive. Vettel was struggling to get past Jenson Button’s McLaren at Hungary, which has been seriously off the pace this season. If this is the current state of the Red Bull, what chance does Vettel have coming into the second part of the season.

It has to be said that whilst I think Vettel is a fantastic driver who deserves the 3 World Championships he has to his name; I strongly doubt he will be able to fend off the challenge of Hamilton as the season progresses.


James Holder

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This article was first posted on August 9, 2013