Keanu Reeves Visits The Le Mans 24 Hour 2016

Car Connections from Michelin.

The Le Mans 24 Hours in one of the most prestigious and iconic sports races in the world. Held annually and on the go since 1923 it is also the oldest endurance car races in existence today, attractive teams from ever corner of the globe to compete it what truly is a gruelling test of stamina and determination, culminating in a remarkable display of engineering and driving prowess.

Representing a real highlight on the Motorsport calendar the race is held on the Circuit de la Sarthe just outside the town of Le Mans it self. As the name suggest, drivers and teams pit their wits against each other over a full 24 hours of relentless racing. As well as the fitness of each individual driver being crucial to success, pushing cars to that level of performance for such a long period of time often means it is a feat of engineering and mechanical agility needed to allow each team to even finish let alone compete to win - in fact it is not uncommon for less than half the field to actual finish the race. The greatest distance ever covered was seen in the 2010 race, when the Audi team managed to cover a staggering 5410 km, completing more laps that what it seen in an entire season of F1!

The video above has been put together by global tire brand Michelin, who are one of the the race's main sponsors, and one of the main suppliers for a lot of the competing teams. The feature which forms part of Michelin's Car Connections campaign shows some of the build up to 2016's race held last month, where Hollywood star recent co-founder of Arch Motorcycle Company Keanu Reeves was invited along with is business partner Gerd Hollinger to take a tour and speak to some of the people behind the scenes. This includes legendary Le Mans commentator Bruno Vanderstick, 9 times winner Tom Kristensen, and the wonderfully inspirational Frederic Sausset - a quadruple-amputee who made the decision to start racing after losing his limbs in 2012.

Delivering exhilaration and excitement, and showcasing the pinnacle of Motorsport talent, the Le Mans 24 Hours is a real must for any motor racing fans. Last month's did not disappoint as it saw Audi become the most successful team in Le Mans history. Head on ver to Michelin's Car Connections campaign page to see more exclusive videos and features surrounding this year's event.


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