Liverpool: 5 Reasons Why Luis Suárez Isn’t Such a Bad Guy

Who would have thunked it? A small Uruguayan, who has a large history in diabolicalness, ending up as both Liverpool’s…

Anthony Grogan



Who would have thunked it? A small Uruguayan, who has a large history in diabolicalness, ending up as both Liverpool’s primary striker and the world’s greatest football villain. The innocent, smiling face we saw holding scarves with Kenny Dalglish on the Anfield pitch was that of hope; never, ever hate. No one could have prophesied that Luis Suarez could be the evilest of evils – apart from the guy he bit, the referee he head butted, or the Spurs player he kicked in the gut.

Ironically, when he first arrived, he wasn’t the biggest signing of the transfer window, not even for Liverpool. Ironically, once more, it was big Andy Carroll, who had just arrived for £35 million (thank you for that, Damien Commoli). The final piece of irony in the tale comes when even this was overshadowed by the biggest waste of money since the dawn of time – Fernando Torres. Now, as deadline days come and go for a Merseyside club (all respect to Everton, they got that guy from Olympiacos for £5 million that one time), this one came as quite a busy one. But what about our little Uruguayan friend? He was left out of the headlines, being categorized as the guy that would make Torres good again. Without Fernando playing in red, there would be no use for him, right?

After 43 goals, 84 appearances, a racism scandal, a diving scandal, a descent charge nearly every game, and being rebuked by Alex Ferguson; we can safely say that he has been an interesting arrival to the English game. So, against the wills of nearly every man on planet earth, I am here to tell you that this mischievous young man isn’t actually a bad guy. Besides being a quality footballer, he also has human and football characteristics that make him a rather nice person. Even though you may scroll down the page and see myself as a Liverpool fan, please take faith in what I write. Rather what I etch is true, or that of my opinion – which will be backed with proof, don’t you worry.

Here are the reasons why me, and countless others, love the hardest man in the world to defend.