Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has been one of the more active Premier League managers in the January transfer window.

He has wrapped up the signing of Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea, who already looks like being an inspired purchase, and yesterday completed the capture of Philippe Coutinho from Inter Milan.

By contrast, the likes of Man United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal have been relatively quiet in the transfer window, so Liverpool fans can have very little to complain about regarding productivity following a hugely disappointing summer transfer window last year that saw the club stripped of the majority of their forwards and fail to add replacements.

Liverpool look like they are taking a step in the right direction at long last and despite a shock defeat to Oldham in the FA Cup last weekend, they are only 6 points off a top five place in the Premier League and look like being capable of challenging for a Champions League spot for the first time in three seasons.

But there’s always room for improvement and in an ever-changing, fast moving business, Rodgers will know better than most that it is not wise to rest on your laurels. He still might have one or two more shock moves up his sleeve before the transfer window slams shut at midnight tonight, and here are 4 he could yet make.

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This article was first posted on January 31, 2013