Man City: 5 Reasons Why Joe Hart Should Get More Credit

5. He Is Hugely Undervalued

Hart was a bargain signing for Manchester City at £600k (according to, compared to signings like Buffon€™s record breaking switch from Parma to the Juventus where he made his name, amongst others. Compare this to the string of other goalkeepers who earn more than they should or haven€™t lived up to expectations, and you see why Hart is so massively under-rated. He has had to earn his starts and fight to prove himself, compared to others' gifted opportunities, which has seen him grow and grow to the point of pushing recognition as being one of the world€™s top ten goalkeepers. So, for someone who has climbed the ranks after getting noticed as a youngster, he is quite the achiever, as opposed to flops like Taibi or Barthez at Manchester United, say. If you want to argue the point, consider where City would be without him, or put another team€™s starter in his place and reflect on how City would get on. How would they be doing without him? And do it all whilst remembering that his style of distribution aids their attacking form of play. A breakout season after a loan season at Birmingham where he was developed, saw him get accustomed to being a starting goalkeeper. Goalkeepers are tricky to deal with and often shouldn€™t be rushed in case their confidence and thus performance gets wrecked, at Birmingham, thankfully this did not occur. Just consuider how De Gea struggled (even if he has responded well) since his big money signing. Hart's transition to being City€™s starter was pretty much immediate, bringing strong performance after strong performance and relegating Irish international Given to the bench, with Given€™s woes increasing ever on after that point. The first game away against Tottenham and his double saves were impressive in their own right, and Hart then rose to such prominence that the team in front of him won the league, after forty four years of waiting. Without Hart, and in his form at the team, City easily may not have done so. And for that reason, he is worth his weight in gold.

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