Man Utd Transfers: 5 Reasons Why Wesley Sneijder Snub Was Right

sneidjer Wesley Sneijder has been linked with a move away from the San Siro ever since the 2010 World Cup, and many thought the next stop on his CV would be Old Trafford. People were under the impression that Sneijder would be the solution to all of Manchester United's midfield problems. However, after a protracted stalemate with Inter Milan, Sneijder was forced to move away. His destination though was probably not what he had in mind. Sneijder's appeals to Premier League clubs seemed to be in vain as no club put forward any real interest. So after all that time, it would appear that Sir Alex thought that Sneijder was not the answer. We agree with the United boss, and here is 5 reasons why!

5. Age

wesley snejider Now Robin Van Persie has shown the football world that you do not have to be a spring chicken to be a fantastic signing. Sneijder's international teammate has dominated ever since he arrived from Arsenal in the summer. The difference is that Van Persie is not a long term signing. Although United will hope to get a few more productive years out of RVP, they realise that he was brought in to do an immediate job. However, United's midfield requires something with a little more legs. With Sneijder turning 29 in the summer, one would think that his best running days are behind him. Not only is there a question mark over the longevity of a player of this age, but there is also the issue of building for the future. Manchester United will be seeking someone that can play at a high level for many years into the future. Players like Paul Scholes have yet to be replaced completely at United, so the need for a player that can provide years of service is paramount. In addition to this, Ferguson will be looking for a future partner for Tom Cleverly in the midfield. By having a player like Sneijder, United would only be realistically looking at 2-3 decent years of playing. Press "Next" to continue reading!

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