MMA Star Chael Sonnen Claims WWE Tried To Bribe Him $5 Million In 2012

The greatest worker in mixed martial arts history is at it again.

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Chael Sonnen has long been one of mixed martial arts' great entertainers, and while you could list the number of times the former UFC middleweight has told the truth on the back of a postage stamp, his over-the-top, wrestling-influenced promos are always fun.

Sonnen's latest outlandish outburst came in a recent interview with ESPN's Ariel Helwani. In it, Chael claimed that not only did WWE reach out to him prior to his UFC 148 rematch with Anderson Silva in 2012, but they tried to pay him off as well.

Per 'The American Gangster,' a nameless WWE official was willing to give Sonnen a big reward to "stick it up Dana White's *ass." He would've been paid a cool $1 million to no-show the event and leave the UFC high and dry, or, alternatively, $5 million to take the UFC Middleweight Championship to Raw after beating the Brazilian legend.

Sonnen went on to lose the fight via TKO 1:55 into the second round.

Those unfamiliar with the 42-year-old's style should know to take promos like this with a pinch of Chael. Superstar Billy Graham is one of his biggest influences, and Sonnen is always a hoot, but he's working a gimmick. Regardless, who isn't tickled by the idea of Vince McMahon splashing $5 million to embarrass the competition?

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