NFL: 5 Draft 2013 Picks Who Should Start Immediately For Their New Teams

3. Dee Milliner, CB, New York Jets

Dee Milliner Miliner is going to have some very tough shoes to fill because he being looked upon as the replacement for the departed Darrelle Revis, who was traded before the draft to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It's actually not fair to compare a rookie who hasn't played a single snap in the NFL to perhaps the best cornerback in the entire sport, but that's what experts do. The Jets secondary is so thin as it is, Milliner will likely be starting for the Jets in Week 1 playing against the now Revis-lead Buccaneers. (Yup, the NFL knew what they were doing when they made the schedule.) It'll be interesting to see who gets the first pick of the season between Revis or Milliner. My money is on Revis, that is if anyone dares to throw it near Revis Island.
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