Premier League: 5 January Transfers That Won’t Happen

As is tradition with the opening of a transfer window, there are roughly a million and one rumours surrounding players…

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As is tradition with the opening of a transfer window, there are roughly a million and one rumours surrounding players and possible transfer destinations, from Demba Ba’s apparently imminent switch from Newcastle to any other Premier League club (or not depending who you ask), to whether or not Oldham Athletic will convince Jose Baxter to sign an extended contract as a result of his fantastic form and possible selling profit for the club. What? I like Oldham.

Every football fan with access to other people will have had his opinion on where he thinks certain players will go, but this time it’s my job to tell you that surprisingly, people are wrong sometimes. Then when you’ve read this, you can go back to these people and pretend that these views are your own, because that’s how the internet works, and is why this article has to be written in the first place.

Unfortunately for the mighty Oldham, I’ll be sticking to the big-name transfers in an attempt to please the masses, and will try to dispel any lingering whispered tales about these footballers. Incidentally, these fabrications are not listed in any particular order.

5. Radamel Falcao To Premier League


He will leave Atletico Madrid at some point, that’s pretty much a given. His record is too… well, simply incredible, for him to not attract interest from bigger clubs, with all due respect to Atletico, who are by no means minnows of the modern game. He notched up 24 goals in La Liga last year, an impressive feat for any striker, but is looking to smash that with a haul that already stands at 17 for this season. He also cobbled together 69 goals for Porto in just two seasons.

His form has been so good that Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has already commented on his future, and noted that it would be extremely difficult to sign such an important player from their massive rivals. He has also been touted as a long-term replacement for David Villa who currently warms the benches at Barcelona. That doesn’t sound too exciting either, really.

It’s pretty much assumed, for better or worse, that his next destination will be England. It’s a rather large source of contention on which club he’ll pick though, and make no mistake, he will have his pick of suitors queueing for his signature. They’ll have to wait until summer though.