Premier League: 5 Reasons Why Stadiums Need Standing Sections

standing Debates over standing sections in English football have been going on for a long time. They have been banned from stadiums in this country ever since the tragedy at Hillsborough and many fans want them back as they feel that they aren't unsafe and can only help fans support their team. Many teams in the football league have expressed their backing and are willing to trial it at matches to prove that it is safe. Many people, however, disagree with this strongly and that is their opinion. In this article I will put forward five logical points as to why I think that bringing back standing sections will enhance English football.

1. Affordability

Football tickets are expensive. No one can argue with that. Recently there has been controversy at Arsenal charging £62 for a single ticket for their game against Manchester City which helps prove this argument. Fans love going to games but prices, especially in the current economy, make it very difficult for fans to go and see games. This limits the amount of people cheering on teams and also stops people bringing their kids to create a new generation of fans. Cheap standing areas instead of expensive seating may help more fans go and watch the team they love and lighten up their weekend with football.

2. Atmosphere

football fans

No one can argue that when everyone is standing up at a football match the atmosphere is a lot better. When fans are standing up for the entire ninety minutes they are so much louder. They jump around more, they sing more and everything is just better. Atmosphere can be on of the best things at a football match. It sucks you in and you cheer and sing with everyone else and leaves you drained at the end of s match. Standing zones would certainly help enhance the atmosphere that has been lackluster in recent years.


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