Ranking The Best Football Transfers In Europe During Summer 2019/20

Which team has done the best business in the transfer window this summer?

Антон Зайцев [CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL]

With all the summer tournaments finally over, we can finally get back to the world of European football. Although the trials and tribulations of club teams have been sorely missed, there's been plenty of transfer drama to keep us on the edge of our seats.

We've seen the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid make some big money signings in the hopes of dominating the Champions League this season. There have also been some clubs who have made some cheaper, but very smart, purchases that might prove to be the best buys of the summer. While they might not get grab the headlines like some of the more well-known players, they can still have a big impact on the teams they're playing for.

Now that the window has shut, we've ranked the 35 best transfers that happened this summer. We look at what they bring to the table, how they'll fit in with their new team and, in some cases, how they'll adapt to an entirely new league. It's safe to say that next season is going to be very, very interesting with these roster changes.


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