Surprise, Surprise: Roy Keane Takes Aim At Newcastle United Again

Terrible manager sticks the boot in on Magpies.

With his usual commitment to class and decency, Roy Keane has released another inflammatory book, full of some of the pearls of wisdom that made him such a great manager... The famed raconteur and known intellect had kept some of his juiciest morsels away from the first book - which famously got him in trouble for admitting he purposely tried to injure Alfie-Inge Haland, and basically ended his Man Utd career along with a silly elbow on Jason McAteer - in order to spin a bit more money with a follow up. Now that he has pretty much failed as a manager - despite claims that he turned down Celtic in the summer because they didn't make him feel wanted - Keane has released that second volume, detailing things like a training ground fight with Peter Schmeichel, why he wishes he hadn't apologised to Sir Alex Ferguson and why he asked Carlos Quieroz what position he had sex with his wife in. Typical close-to-Christmas footballer book revelations, and no doubt all soaked in the fake masculist swagger that Keane brought to the football pitch. We already knew that Keane had a love-hate relationship with Newcastle: he was never Alan Shearer's biggest fan, because the striker refused to be bullied by him, and as a former Sunderland manager he received a lot of grief, and silly accusations about what he might have got up to in his spare time walking around the countryside with his dogs. Somewhat inevitably, he has used his new book to take another eloquent side-swipe at Newcastle, saying: "I always thought they were an arrogant bunch, for a club that had won f*ck all." Yawn, hardly surprising is it? Luckily Keane is now at Aston Villa, where he's just won the Champions League, Rumablow's Cup and World Cup last season... Even worse he later ruined any credentials he has by admitting that he likes Adrian Chiles. Keane's book "The Second Half" is released on Thursday. It's probably a good read, but Harry Potter's probably cheaper and more entertaining.
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