Harry Redknapp

As the clock ticks forward towards the 11pm cut off for British transfers, no doubt to be greeted by an explosion of excitement by Jim White as Liam Ridgewell finally makes his big money move to Wigan, or a foreign mercenary becomes the 110th signing of the day at QPR, it’s ever so difficult not to be frustrated by the crushing inevitability of it all.

So instead of slumping into despair as your club’s biggest asset heads out the door in return for Oil Pounds and the promise of a place on one of the most expensive benches in England, we’re offering you the choice for fun instead, in the shape of our All New Transfer Deadline Day Drinking Game.

More complex than your usual drinking game, this is more like Transfer Deadline Day bingo, with added drinking. There are five levels, each with decreasing likelihood, though all based on at least a grain of truth, and each come with an increased forfeit, culminating in a special sixth level that probably won’t happen (though we can all hope)…

Level One


Forfeit: Take a drink of your “long drink.”

Newcastle Sign Someone Who Speaks French

…Minutes after QPR lodge a bid, having followed their activity on Sky Sports News.

The Sky Sports Ticker Tape Goes Yellow

A Deal Is Completed

Jim White Is Seen On Screen Before His Shift Begins

…Probably on his phone, clutching a brief case, containing nothing more than an apple.

A Reporter Has Absolutely Nothing To Report

…Extra swig if they suggest the window isn’t going to be as highly-entertaining as Jim White has been shouting about all day.

Harry Redknapp Is Interviewed Through His Car Window

A Twitter ITK Reveals A Player Is At A Hotel Near Their New Club…

…They’re probably not.

Michael Owen Is Linked With A Move To A Club Much Better Than He Currently Is

…Like Dagenham & Redbridge, or Gloucester U8s.


Next click for the next level…

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This article was first posted on January 31, 2013