UFC: 10 Embarrassingly Awful Nicknames MMA Fighters Actually Used

Surprisingly, Hobert "The French Tickler" Cornett did not make the list.

Eric Jamison/AP

In the sport of mixed martial arts, almost every fighter has a nickname. These names can be used as an excellent marketing tool and help competitors stand out from the rest of the pack.

For example, if we took the "Cowboy" persona away from Donald Cerrone, he would simply be a really tough guy from Colorado. It's the nickname, combined with the cowboy hat, that makes him so memorable. The fact that he's a great fighter has also helped him become successful, but there are plenty of outstanding mixed martial artists who fans haven't heard of — because they don't do a good job marketing themselves.

Conversely, a bad ring name can make a fighter look silly and land them on less than flattering lists — such as this one. These are just a couple of reasons why fighters should choose their nicknames wisely.

The minds of MMA fighters and their management teams have produced plenty of awful names over the years. That being said, if there were Hall of Fame for dreadful nicknames, the ten we are about to see would be among the first inducted.

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