UFC Exclusive: Hector Lombard Blasts Toquinho's Injury Excuses

Hector-Lombard In a WhatCulture.com exclusive, Hector Lombard returns to the Getting Lucky MMA podcast to blast Rousimar "Toquinho" Palhares for making excuses for his loss to the former Bellator champion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB7bmeo_XCk Interview Summary: In regards to the fight, Palhares said:
During the fight, my kick was working well. But soon in the first round, one of my kicks hit Lombard's shin below his knee. I heard a snap, and I knew something bad happened. From that moment on, I feeling my foot more and more numb and without strength to walk around the octagon. It was a very complicated situation. I went through something similar in the fight against Jeremy Horn when I broke my hand during the fight.
Here is a picture of Palhares just after the fight: palhares_brokenfoot (1) But Australian favorite, Hector Lombard, has taken offense, feeling as if Toquinho is using this as an excuse to explain why he lost the fight. He explains that he checked the kick with the same technique that he used to break Tim Boetsch's foot in his fight back on UFC 149. The moment in question happened at 1:38 of the first round, but only after a bloodied Toquinho had already suffered a knockdown from a vicious flurry in the opening moments. To Lombard, complaining about an injury suffered during the fight, even a broken foot from a checked kick, is the same as complaining about a broken nose. It's the fighter's job to adapt and overcome. He also feels the injury is karma for Palhares' notorious record of holding leg and ankle locks just long enough to seriously damage his opponents in the UFC and in grappling tournaments. In addition, Lombard breaks the news that he's permanently moving his training back to Sydney, Australia for all future fights after a great camp in his preparation for the UFC on FX fight last week.
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