UFC Podcast: Strikeforce's End, Alexander Emelianenko & Mark Hominick


We're back with another episode of the Getting Lucky MMA podcast (#011). Without an MMA event to preview or review, my co-host Marcus Mitchell and I talk about current news, such as the retirements of Alexander Emelianenko and Mark Hominick as well as the confirmation that Strikeforce is finally finished in January. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZb5g9Jotjo Episode Summary (#011): Our conversation then moves onto weird MMA facts and stories. I share the story of Ultimate Fighter hopeful and MMA fighter Ray Elbe, who literally broke his penis having sex with his girlfriend. Ouch. Mitchell chimes in with a way you too can own your very own authentic UFC championship belt as well as exactly what Zuffa means. I always thought it was the Narnia Landfill. As geniuses and MMA experts, Mitchell and I then offer up ways to fix the UFC and MMA. I know you're relieved. I go into the full details of adding a Cruiserweight division (225) from the current roster of UFC fighters and those they could pilfer from other promotions to fill out the Cruisers and the Heavyweights. Mitchell talks about the artificiality of the UFC hype machine and how it has ruined the nature of the sport. Our next topic is on UFC prospects. I want the return of Brazilian killer Maiquel Falcao, while Mitchell wants a 2-for-1 package deal with the Pitbull Brothers from Bellator. AND there's more. We talk about the fattest men to ever compete in the ring or cage. Men like Butterbean and Zuluzhino and Akebono and Tank Abbott. Finally, we have a light-hearted conversation to finally decide who is the best fighter of them all, the mythic GOAT - Fedor, Silva, or GSP.
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