Beginning on the 26th August, this year’s US open (That’s the Tennis tournament, not the golf) is just round the corner. One of two hard court grand slams, the US open is arguably the biggest hard court tournament on the tour, this year the winners of the singles will take home a massive £1.7 million.

This year the US open will be host to the most competitive male singles tournament ever; the top 10 are all strong contenders to win a slam. The margins right at the top are even thinner, it’s almost impossible to pick between Djokovic and Murray, the top two seeds.

Women’s tennis might not currently be experiencing the same level of high competition the men’s game is. This said there are still some incredibly exciting and talented players who can produce scintillating matches.

Ahead of the tournament we take a look at 5 possible dark horses to look out for. They may not be the highest profile players, but worth keeping an eye on as an outside shot for performing well in this year’s US open.

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This article was first posted on August 21, 2013