Vince McMahon Announces The XFL Will Return In 2020

Professional football, re-imagined.

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It's official: the XFL is back.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon broke the news during a conference call earlier this evening. Describing the revival as "professional football, re-imagined," he stated that the league will return to our screens in late January/early February 2020, with 8 teams playing 10 regular season games, followed by a two-week post-season period.

The call was hosted by McMahon's new venture, Alpha Entertainment, which was established to facilitate the XFL's returnl in December 2017. He offered few specifics, but continually stressed that Alpha intend on listening to fans, players, pundits, and other football experts to ensure the smoothest launch possible, though planning is still at an early stage.

The XFL will utilise an altered set of rules, with Vince stressing a faster, simpler, and less time-consuming brand of football. Safety is a key concern, too, and Alpha will seek expert medical advice to reduce the risk of player concussions.

When asked about his motivations in reviving a project that lost him an estimated $35 million in 2001, McMahon mentioned capitalising on demand during the NFL's seven-month off-season, and taking full advantage of revenue streams and distribution methods that didn't exist before.

The XFL shouldn't impact Vince's day-to-day role with WWE, either: he won't be a public-facing executive, and will continue in his role as WWE Chairman.

The full announcement video can be viewed below:-

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