Vince McMahon To Make "Major" XFL Announcement Today

It's finally happening...

Vince McMahon Alpha Entertainment have just announced that company Chairman Vince McMahon will make a "major sports announcement" at 3pm ET (8pm GMT) this afternoon, and while not explicitly stated, all signs point towards his rumoured XFL revival.

Why? Because the conference call will be streamed solely from digital media platforms belonging to his new venture, Alpha Entertainment, which was recently set up for investment opportunities in professional football. After selling more than $100 million worth of WWE stock to fund Alpha in December, it's thought that McMahon will use the company to bring one of his biggest business failures back.

The original XFL was a huge money pit that saw McMahon lose $35 million on his initial investment. Why he'd want to revive it remains unclear, but we'll likely learn more later today. claimed yesterday that WWE's production team have already started working on promotional material, and are aiming for a 2020-re-launch. This would give Alpha two years to get in the infrastructure in place, establish teams, and hire coaches and players.

The live stream will be broadcast on Alpha's Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages, as well as their official website.

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