Watch Newcastle United Brilliantly Borrow Mr Kennedy's WWE Theme


Mr Kennedy SummerSlam 2007

In the age of increasingly bizarre player signing announcement videos and the race for Twitter interactions, Newcastle United - a team famously shy of making too many signings at the minute - delighted and baffled their fans in equal measure with their latest announcement video.

After a protracted transfer saga, the North East club finally brought in Chelsea's Brazilian youngster Kenedy on loan until the end of the season. And with the pressure on them to deliver a memorable announcement video to stop everyone wondering why Mike Ashley is still the club's owner and why the only signing they've made is of a left-back with a famously poor temperament and little first-team experience, they pulled one out of the bag.

Clearly showing their affection for WWE - whose own Neville is a big fan of the club - the media team stole Mr. Kennedy's WWE theme to the delight of any Newcastle fan with an affection for the good old days of WWE...

Everyone else was just a bit baffled.

The link between Newcastle and Mr. Kennedy is actually rather pertinent, so it's a nice - if accidental - nod to WWE history. In both cases, they burst onto the top level scene and immediately staked a claim to be among the contenders before fate intervened (in conjunction with a little self-sabotage) and their runs at the top abruptly ended. Both enjoyed something of a revival briefly and both were held in some affection by general fans but again it was short-lived and both dropped out of title pictures entirely.

Later Mr. Kennedy was released by WWE and Newcastle were relegated. They're basically spiritual siblings and both sets of fans will forever be haunted by what could have been.

Let's hope using his theme for Kenedy isn't some terrible omen in waiting....

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