World Cup 2018: 10 Players Who Don't Deserve To Be Going Home

These players set a standard that their teammates just couldn't match.


The 2018 World Cup group stages have come to an end and we now know the identities of all the teams that will be progressing to the latter stages, as well as those who are out of the competition and heading home.

The teams that finished third and fourth in each group just weren't quite good enough to progress to the round of 16, but some of the individual players from those teams might feel like they deserved to go a little further.

Sometimes, outstanding individual players just happen to be born in countries with very small populations or a lack of investment in football training and development, resulting in national teams that have little hope of ever winning any kind of major tournament. These players do their best and often carry their country's hopes on their shoulders, but can't win matches all by themselves.

Other times, great footballing nations manage to fumble at the first hurdle, with one or two individuals doing their best but being dragged down by the feeble performances of their squadmates. We've seen several examples of great players featuring in sub-par teams so far this World Cup, and they'll surely be thinking of what might have been if their teammates had stepped up to their level.


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