10 Reasons Why the Internet Will Eventually Lead to Our Destruction

The world wide web is influencing us in more ways than we think.

Jeff Morgans


The internet is a wonderful tool that has dramatically transferred everything we do in life. Everything seems easier with the internet, as information is literally at your fingertips. Need an answer to a question, Google it. Need to know stores hours, check their website. Need to creep your ex, check Facebook. The internet is the jack of all trades for information.

However there is a downside to all this information just floating up there in cyberspace. The internet could be used just as easily for bad as for good. It is also influencing us in more ways than we think.

So here are the ten reasons why the internet will lead to our destruction:


10.  Piracy

Online piracy is on the rise. Movies, music, and even video games can be attained through torrents or peer to peer sharing sites. This has certainly put a dent in the economy in those areas. Does anyone get caught for piracy, not really? I’m not endorsing it by any means, but it’s happening everywhere and when something is free and easy to obtain are you really going to pass it up.

Now how does that translate to the real world? Hypothetically, if you steal constantly online you might be urged to do it the next time you find yourself outraged at stores raising their prices.