10 Ways The Internet Changed Everyday Life

8. We Upload Pictures Constantly


The Internet has allowed anyone with a cellphone or camera to become a photographer - and it's driving me crazy. I've literally deleted Instagram off my phone numerous times, because of my wife. Here's a tip for all of you that know you're guilty - don't upload pictures of you standing in your bathroom, what you're eating for dinner, or you kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend.

7. We're Lazier

Carlsbad-Realtor-who-is-NOT-LAZY-600x300 With Facebook, we don't need to go see family members or friends, so long as they regularly update their Facebook status; nor do we need to go buy a newspaper, it's at our fingertips. No longer do we need to stay up all night trying to catch the weather, or to see if school is cancelled. Our textbooks are our second resource (right behind the likes of Google and Bing), and we can even make reservations so we don't have to wait 30 minutes at the restaurant. Speaking of which, I probably better order a pizza before they close...
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