25 Things That Will Change Everything In The Next Century

2066 (50 years)

14. Age Of The Cyborg

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Half a century into the future, the integration of technology and biology will be well underway.

Implanted nanoparticles may flow through your system, monitoring health and treating minor ailments before symptoms even manifest. Spinal implants might do everything from help the paralysed to walk to control allergies.

Certain implants (or wearables) will monitor your biodata such as sleeping and eating patterns and even vital signs. Controlling conditions such as diabetes will no longer be an issue and you might be beginning to artificially interface with your own body.

13. It Will Be Someone's 130th Birthday

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Given the advances in preventative medicine and healthcare technology, people will be living into their hundreds. In 2016, there are already scores of centenarians and the record for the oldest person currently sits at 122.

The future 130-year-old in question would have to be currently celebrating their 80th birthday, and still fit and healthy enough to make full use of the medical breakthroughs to come.

This is, of course, unless we've come up with some seriously utilitarian methods for dealing with an ever-aging population by then.*

*psst, we're talking about euthanasia...

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