4 Best Car Games For iPhone

Over the last decade, car driving games have exploded in popularity thanks to the success of the PlayStation and Xbox…

Over the last decade, car driving games have exploded in popularity thanks to the success of the PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles. This console success has now translated into hundreds, if not thousands, of games now available to buy on your iPhone direct from the app store as many developers cotton on to the trend.

But with so many games all vying for your 69p (or more!), and plenty of sites such as CarGames.org.uk offering them for free, which of the iPhone games are actually worth paying for?

We run down the top 5 car games for your iPhone to help you decide.

Parking Frenzy 2


Although not a particularly in-depth game, with relatively short levels, Parking Frenzy 2 offers a challenging experience for even the most advanced virtual parkers out there.

The aim of the game is simple; manoeuvre your vehicle into a tight parking spot, avoiding the traffic and other objects as you do so.

In total there are 31 levels currently, with the aim being to achieve three stars on each. This can take a considerable amount of time and, as was proved by the reaction in the office on our play-test, be rather frustrating!

Real Racing 2


From the same people behind one of the iPhone’s most successful games, Flight Control, comes Real Racing 2. It is a game of meticulous detail, with a lengthy career mode that requires serious skill and dedication.

There’s fully licensed cars and graphics to match many games with for more significant budgets, with racing split across 15 locations and over 40 miles of virtual track.

On top of the dazzling single player mode, Real Racing 2 features a robust multiplayer offering. You can enjoy online racing with up to 16 other players (assuming your WiFi connection is up to scratch!)

The game can even be enjoyed on an Apple TV by utilizing the AirPlay functionality.

Traffic Panic London


More of a strategy game than a traditional car driving game, your task in Traffic Panic London is to keep things flowing by controlling the traffic lights at a busy junction.

Of course, as anyone who has played the Burnout series will know… some of the most fun can be had causing massive crashes. In Traffic Panic London these are backed up by some epic cinema style moments with explosions and destructions at some famous London landmarks.

While the game does get repetitive after a while, it’s very much one you can pick up and enjoy with ease.

VS Racing 2


With a massive 72 unique tracks, VS Racing 2 is one of the biggest car games available for iPhone. Featuring the classic “top down” camera, VS Racing is an immersive game with 6 different cars to utilize (all with differing handling) during the single player mode, while you can also do battle over WiFI and play up to 5 friends.

The game features vibrant graphics that are optimized for the latest Apple devices and has lots of achievements/challenges to keep even the most dedicated gamer satisfied.

The developers are constantly adding new tracks and features to the game as a direct response to user feedback, which have helped it become one of the top rated games in the whole of the App store.