5 Ways To Make Your iPad Even Geekier

Not so long ago, walking around with any kind of hand-held computer was a sure-fire sign you were either struggling…

Jack Carver


Star Wars iPad

Not so long ago, walking around with any kind of hand-held computer was a sure-fire sign you were either struggling for friends, or a visitor from the Enterprise in the future. It wasn’t cool.

But now, with the tablet age driving sales of iPads and any number of alternatives, portal computing isn’t just a right, it’s a daily necessity, and geeks are finding more and more smart ways to make a statement with their tablets. Much like emblazoning your skateboard with stickers, or wearing sloganed T-shirts were the ways younger generations in the past showed their various allegiances and fandoms, we’re seeing it happen more and more with gadget accessories and user modifications.

So why not celebrate the best opportunities to shout out your love of geekdom? Here are five of the very best ways to make your tablet even more geeky…

5. Buy A Geek-Chic Cover

No matter what your taste in Geekery, there’s probably a cover for you, whether it’s a classic R2D2 iPad Cover or something that expresses your undying love for Buffy or Star Trek.

4. Bring Back 1995

Quite how Steve Jobs might feel about this remains to be seen, but some clever modders out there managed to step back in time and install Windows 95 to their iPad. Quite why they would ever want to do that is clearly up for debate, but there’s no doubting that geeks love a bit of nostalgia.

3. Turn It Into An Arcade

For those who seek an old school gamer thrill when they’re iPadding it, there are a number of products and hardware mods out there that could take your tablet back to your victorious days of penny slots and joystick twiddling. it defeats the entire purpose of owning a superslim, easily transportable tablet, but just imagine the faces of your fellow commuters on the bus when you whack out a miniature arcade machine.

2. Virtual Laser Keyboard

Thanks to smart little gadgets like the Virtual Keyboard, you can now turn virtually any surface into a keyboard, using lasers, to shine a light keyboard that will make greasy finger prints on your tablet screen a thing of the past. They’ll just be all over your house instead.

1. Turn It Into A SNES

Once more, head back to the “good old days” of gaming, when humans were made out of blocks, and gameplay was harder than calculus and just as unforgiving, thanks to this Mod that turns a modern, state of the art iPad into an old-school, run-of-the-mill SNES. Still gloriously nerdy though!


Have you seen any Geek accessories or mods that deserve to be on this list? Share your own picks below.