HP Secures Patent For See-Thru Screen

All of those crazy see-thru displays you see in the movies, well, it’s actually happening.

Michael Shelton


Hewlett Packard has officially secured a 2006 patent application for see-thru screen technology, and it’s certainly a reason for tech junkies everywhere to get excited.

The original patent describes the device as using light-reflective slats, in order to display images produced by a computer on a transparent screen, while light is allowed to transfer through the device from behind. HP’s patent for the device suggests that the see-thru displays could be used as a means to superimpose information against another object.

With the displays being entirely see-thru, the issue of privacy would seem to be a valuable concern. Yet, HP has already thought of this, and has implemented a way for users behind the screen to see an entirely different image than that of the user.

HP also released a 360 turnaround of their vision for what the see-thru screen could potentially look like:

One analyst, that was shown the work being conducted on the technology, had this to say about the potential profitability of the device:

“There’s many real world applications, from augmented reality to displaying information on flat surfaces such as web browsers on windows or heads-up displays in cars. It may look gimmicky in the movies but there’s huge financial potential in this if you can get the technology right and sell it for an acceptable price.”

It this means I’m one step closer to feeling like Tony Stark, color me excited.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the see-thru screen. Do you think the real-world application of the device will benefit us, or is it going to just become another distraction? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: BBC News