iPhone 8: 10 Biggest Leaks & Rumours You Need To Know

Dialling up the hype.


Another year, another iPhone... except this one is going to be different, apparently.

Sure, Apple says that about all of its handsets, but with 2017 marking the 10th anniversary of the device, the tech titan is bound to have something special in store.

Based on the firm's release history and numbering conventions, everyone was expecting this year's model to be called the iPhone 7S, but forget what you think you know.

Reports suggest the anniversary handset will drop under a different name, likely the iPhone Edition, iPhone X or iPhone 8 to emphasise the upgrade.

The tech press are calling it Apple's biggest handset launch in years, the most significant since the late Steve Jobs raised the original model aloft on stage in 2007.

Much has changed since then, but some things remain constant, like the amount of leaks and rumours that emerge online ahead of an iPhone launch.

This year has been no exception, so iFans already have some idea about what to expect from this year's iPhone when it arrives next month.

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