demon souls

Demon's Souls To Be Taken Offline In May

After seeing the message "You Died" flash up on screen so many times, this could be perhaps…
By Corey Milne

Xbox360 Review: CATHERINE [EU Release]

We take a look at the not so easy to define game, Catherine, in celebration of it's release in…
By Harriet Jones

Catherine: Out This Week For XBox360 & PS3

Atlus' bonkers puzzle platformer is set for release to the European market this Friday. Check…
By Simon Gallagher

CATHERINE: Trailer Round-Up

Atlus and Deep Silver will release the big-selling platform puzzler to the European market on…
By Simon Gallagher

New Screens for Persona 4: The Golden

New screens from Atlus for Persona 4: The Golden have been released.
By Harriet Jones
Trails of Innocence

Ghostlight to release JRPG PSP Double Pack to PSN

Ghostlight have announced a JRPG double pack to be released on PSN
By Harriet Jones

King of Fighters XIII: Atlus Release Six Brand New Character Videos

As part of an on-going marketing campaign, Atlus unveil six more brand new videos of their…
By Stuart W. Bedford

King of Fighters XIII Official Gameplay Trailer

Atlus give us a quick peek at what's in store for Beat-em up fanatics this November.
By Stuart W. Bedford

King of Fighters XIII Preview

WhatCulture preview the thirteenth addition to SNK Playmore's colourful combat franchise.
By Stuart W. Bedford

King of Fighters XIII Character Combat Trailers

SK Playmore unveil thirteen combat trailers for King of Fighters XIII's characters
By Stuart W. Bedford

King of Fighters XIII: New Special Move Footage

SNK Playmore release two brand new gameplay trailers for King of Fighters XIII, unveiling…
By Simon Gallagher

Atlas Working on PERSONA 5 & 2 Other Further Games

None of these announced games have been confirmed for release in any country outside the of…
By Matt Mann

PS3 Review: CATHERINE [US Release]

We take a look at Atlus' controversial puzzler Catherine, newly released in the US, and…
By Matt Mann
Catherine Logo

CATHERINE Sets Sales Records

The game has only been out a week in the United States but Catherine has already set sales…
By Matt Mann
Catherine Logo


The new release from Atlus is expected to hit UK shores some time this year.
By Dom McKenzie

CATHERINE: Sex, Murder, and Sheep?

Already out in Japan and being released in North America July 26th 2011, Catherine has, since…
By Harriet Jones