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10 Things Christopher Nolan Got Wrong About Batman

Almost the hero Gotham deserves.
By Mark Langshaw

10 METAL Moments From Dark Nights: Metal

The most metal moments from the most epic Batman story yet!
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The Joker Origin Movie: Is Joaquin Phoenix Starring In The Killing Joke?

Oscar-nominee confirmed for Mr J.
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7 Tiny Details From Comic Book Movies Only True Fans Noticed

Fastball special, coming right up...
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The Best Batman Game No One Played

Before Arkham, there was Vengeance.
By Ewan Paterson

7 Worst Things The Penguin Has Ever Done

Are we just going to ignore THAT scene from Batman Returns?
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11 Best Recast Movie Roles Of All Time

It's no easy task but when it's done well, it's jaw-dropping.
By William Jones

How Matt Reeves' Batman Movie Should Be Made

More Burton, less 'badass'.
By Ewan Paterson

The Joker: 10 Most Famous Comic Book Origins Ranked Worst To Best

The Joker has no fixed origin meaning he could be anything or anyone...
By Jack Otway

Batman Ninja Review: 5 Ups & 4 Downs

The craziest Batman movie ever.
By Jack Pooley