gaming Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4: 3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

Here's 3 things EA and DICE should avoid when developing Battlefield 4.

9 Aug 2012 Ryan Musker

gaming Above: a fortunately unrealistic situation

4 Ways to Fix the Broken FPS Genre

They say that this year's E3 presentation was just a string of presenters showing them the exact same ultra-realistic, modern anti-terrorist, psuedo-cover based, red dot scoped FPS game with different skins on top of the levels.

19 Jul 2012 Clayton Ofbricks

Forgotten Gems of Gaming: STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT

In the olden days of 2004, George Lucas and his friends at LucasArts released a Star Wars warfare game that let gamers play out their favourite conflicts from the galaxy far, far away.

29 Sep 2011 Rob John Downer

gaming mass effect

Why Has the MASS EFFECT Series Never Been Duplicated?

If we as an industry are going to move away from originality for monetary reasons, isn't there money to be had by trying to duplicate some of what makes the Mass Effect series so special?

17 Jul 2011 Matt Mann