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12 Essential Titles Every New Gamer Must Play

Which games would compile your list of essential titles for newcomers to enjoy?

8 Apr 2014 Scott Tailford

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10 Games That Prove Developers Are Getting Lazy

Even great games can be sloppy and half-baked...

19 Mar 2014 MuddledMuppet

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10 Video Games With The Most Outstanding Graphics Of 2013

The year may be over, but the vast majority of games here still look better than some of those we're waiting for.

28 Feb 2014 Oliver McQuitty

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10 Ridiculous Arguments Against The Biggest Games Of 2013

Think GTA V glorifies violence and sexism? Think again.

4 Jan 2014 Jack Pooley


10 Horrific 2013 Gaming Glitches That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Everyone repeat after us... WTF?!

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Win: Battlefield 4 For XBox 360

21 Nov 2013 Simon Gallagher

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Battlefield 4 PS3 Review

6 Nov 2013 Robert Kojder

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Battlefield 4: 10 Things We Want To See

How can EA improve an incredible outing, and make it bigger, better and more appealing to us.

6 Oct 2012 Nick Hargreaves

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Battlefield 4: 3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

Here's 3 things EA and DICE should avoid when developing Battlefield 4.

9 Aug 2012 Ryan Musker

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What's Wrong With Battlefield 4?

Despite BF3's acclaim, the announcement of Battlefield 4 is going down like a lead balloon.

19 Jul 2012 Ryan Musker

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On the same day we found out there would be a new Call of Duty game next year, we apparently now know for a fact that there will be a Battlefield 4.

9 Nov 2011 Matt Mann